Support UserFrosting

UserFrosting is completely free and open source, and licensed under the MIT License.

That being said, yes, we'll take your money!

Your financial contribution helps to keep our chat and demo servers going. And, who knows? Maybe enough people will donate and Alex can make UserFrosting his full-time job ;-)

The easiest way to contribute financially is through our Open Collective. You may set up a recurring monthly pledge, or make a one-time donation.

We can also accept donations of cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC: 18Ew1xGy1E3kjH1UyPEgJ3nnDN3ZWUY1N1
  • Bcash: qpghq6sh0lq3tqyqq8ushrr9e9vflnsdvc6emhjuam
  • ETH: 0x32870B866b2B787A568bAAB45b24743F3E003a09
  • LTC: LYZGYfKfTC8SSKPb9EbU6eUNs19hyqZu5c

You can help pay for our web and chat server costs by signing up with DigitalOcean using our referral link. Once you've spent $25 with them, we'll earn $25 in credit on our own DigitalOcean account, which hosts our chat, web, and demo servers.